Homeowner Responsibilities

Annual Dues

Most homeowners in Rabbit Run are required by their deeds to pay annual dues for homeowner’s association membership and recreation center membership.* The dues must be paid in full each year by November 1 to remain in good standing. (The association’s fiscal year is November 1 through October 31.) The dues breakdown is:


Homeowner’s Association$108
Recreation Center$390
Total annual dues:$498


*The difference in membership requirements stems from deed exceptions made by the developer of Rabbit Run for certain property owners in the early stage of the neighborhood’s development. Rabbit Run homeowners who are not required to be recreation center members may become recreation center members by paying the additional $390 in dues.

Rules and Regulations

Deed Restrictions

Click on the link below to locate the deed restrictions for specific addresses in Rabbit Run:

Unit 1
Portions of Blenheim Way
Turtle Circle

Unit 1, Lots 1 and 2
Blenheim Court
Portions of Blenheim Way

Shadow Brook
Palomino Lane
Lappin Lane
Cottontail Lane
Quarter Horse Court

Unit 3
Commanche Circle
Commanche Trail

Unit 5
St. Stephens Green

Unit 6
Fort Harrods Drive
Portions of Wellington Way

Unit 7A
Blackhorse Lane
Gladman Way
Mountjoy Place (also referred to on maps as Ushers Quay)

Unit 7B
Westmeath Place
Portions of Wellington Way

Unit 8
Meadowbrook Circle
Meadowbrook Drive
Portions of Wellington Way

Unit 10
Wellington Lane


Rabbit Run Homeowner’s Association
P.O. Box 911143
Lexington, KY 40591-1143

For more information about Rabbit Run Homeowners Association, contact Lancho Management Group at 859-312-3710 or rabbit.run@twc.com. Iinquiries should be directed to Lexington Pools at 859-621-8966 or 859-621-8967.)